Sunday, March 23, 2014

Your Life...

Its been awhile

It has been awhile!

We are still saving for our long term dream of travel. It took a hiatus for a bit, but it is back on track now.

And we have a mini-trip planned! In 214 days we are going to Bali for a few days. just a girls weekend away. I'm really looking forward to it, getting foot treatments, having a swim (or three) and of course shopping!

Hopefully the blogging will resume at some point...Stay tuned :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why blog

Disclaimer: This post is one I have unashamedly stolen from my "other" blog. I wrote it and then decided it would be perfect here for Monday Musing (and it is even a Monday) but wanted to keep it where it was written too. If you happen to read both please feel free to ignore! Or maybe skip to the very end because I do have something to add on there!

"People have been keeping diaries for years. Centuries even. Hmm ... 'centuries' might be a slight exaggeration. I can't really think of the earliest diary I have read or heard about. Although clearly this became more likely once literacy levels were improved and the means to physically write became more easily accessible. Regardless, can you imagine how different history would be to study if more ordinary people had kept diaries in years gone by?

I don't know about anyone else, but I think of keeping a diary and my automatic mental image goes to a young girl. Similarly, I think of someone writing their memoirs and I think of an old man and probably one who was in the military. I also have a vague picture of a sick mother writing her story for her baby who she may not see grow up. I  have to admit when I think of someone who blogs, I think of a woman automatically and probably one with children. Clearly these are all stereotypes! And I am in no way suggesting most people fit these moulds. I would be very disappointed if they did. But it is just funny the way you get embedded with stereotypes even if you don't mean to be!

I did a fascinating assignment on the diary of a Victorian working-class woman years ago. (Embarrassingly, I can't remember her name. I was very pregnant with Erin at the time. This is my excuse and I am sticking to it). I also remember being inspired to keep a journal of my all activities when I was about 9 after reading someone Lady Baden-Powell had always kept one. I kept this up until I was about 14 I think. (I am sure this will be very useful for writing my autobiography one day!). I've read 'The Diary of Anne Frank', perhaps the most famous diary of all, and a number of biographies and autobiographies. Some of which I am sure were written with the help of people's personal diaries.

But regardless of this publication of diaries and journals and letters, did any of them really ever think what they were writing was going to become public property?

So this all brings me back to the question of why blog? I have to admit I feel a little egocentric thinking that anyone will actually care about the waffle I write on here. And of course, I had to start not one but three blogs.

The flip side of this is, I love reading other people's blogs. Just about the random stuff they say and do. However at times this feels incredibly voyeuristic. Especially when I was in the 'lurking stage'. By the lurking stage I mean when I was reading blogs and reading the regularly, but didn't follow them. In all fairness, at that stage I wasn't following any blogs but this is not the point. (Hello to any lurkers I may have, please feel free to say hi). This information is obviously in the public realm and I assume people like to have their blogs read, so I am not feeling bad about this!

So why do I blog? For me I think it is about getting back into the feel of writing for fun. For enjoyment, after years of writing for study. It is a way of feeling validated. That I have something worth saying (and I don't know why my lovely followers keep reading and keep commenting, but it really makes my day when you do! Thank you). And now I am at the point where I think I am ready to start writing down some of the stories that have been haunting me for years, blogging has been a way for me to begin to write regularly. There is instant gratification with a blog post!!

Damn.  Now I have finished this, while I was re-reading (yes I do re-read even though it might not seem like it) I have a horrible feeling I may have written something like this before? I am going to hit 'publish' anyway though because I am sure it is so fabulous you all want to read it again! (Humour me on this one).

So blogland friends. Why do you blog? And how on earth to you keep track of what you have written about before and what was just something you were thinking, but never actually blogged about?"

This blog is for a slightly different purpose. The other reasons hold true of course, but this is the journey of something specific and the idea is that it is helping with motivation. Plus it is such a big thing for us that I think it will be fun for us to look back and see how and why we did things!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ten months and two trips

Before you get too excited, no these are not "The Plans". I am pretty sure there would be lot more notice if we were at real planning stage. Not to mention there would have been a lot more posting about a whole heap more stuff.
But for the moment, I do have some travel plans. My big two girls have the opportunity to go to an Australia wide jamboree in Tasmania with Girl Guides. We have been talking about this for a few years now, but suddenly it is a reality. Their applications are in and here goes an intense year of fundraising.

And you might wonder what the littlest one and I are planning on doing? Well we are going to Melbourne. One of my closest friends lives there so it is too good an opportunity to go while I only have one of my girls with me! Perth is (apparently) the most isolated capital city in the world. It is certainly very isolated from the rest of Australia, so it makes any planned trip just that little bit more expensive by the time you include airfares.

But that is just one trip. I also got a facebook message today that my primary school is having a reunion for its 50th birthday. Coincidentally, this it will also be 20 years since my class graduated. So we have a road trip planned for September as well! Well vaguely planned. Maybe 'to be planned when I get some information' would be a  more accurate way of describing it, but either way it should be fun!

To go back to basics, as excited as I am about our upcoming trips, there is something to be said for the dreaming stage. You get the fun of planning without the stress of how you are going to finance it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ode to Lela

Firstly I would just like to say, that I am a little annoyed. Today is Monday. Therefore I had a legitimate reason to waffle about what ever 'philosophical' stuff I wanted to. Do you think I can think of anything? No. So instead I thought I would do a belated Valentine's Day-ish tribute to my co-Two Mummy Ducker and to our friendship. Partly because I thought of it and partly to see if she is really checking in to see what rubbish I am writing on our joint blog in our joint names! (*waves* Hi Lela).

This is post is really about one particular aspect. I could write for ages but I would sound stupid and you would all begin to wonder what I had done that I was sucking up to her about.

But I think my favourite thing about our friendship is that in addition to being able to tell Lela everything, I love that we can share our excitement over whatever our latest scheme is. Whether we are planning on doing something together or separately. We can share, get excited and then, after we have been excited, we can talk about details and realities (or otherwise about what we are planning on doing).

For example:-
  1. Hundreds of ideas I have had for various books (so far none have been completed but Lela has sounded supportive about every one).
  2. An investment club (I have posted about this previously if you are interested. Definitely joint enthusiasm! Both times).
  3. Lela's business (I hope I was enthusiastic! And definitely a successful venture).
  4. Virtual bookclub (recent plan. Will let you know if it works).
  5. Two Mummy Duck adventuring (we are having fun so I think this counts!).
These are just a few examples, but yesterday's 'adventure' I think was one of our stranger ones. And please note, I am using the term 'adventure' very loosely.

Lela's sister-in-law is starting as a consultant for a company that sells, amongst other things, body wraps. Lela is a lovely supportive SIL and has agreed to have a party. Not only that she is so excited about these products that she has got me excited and ready to book a party before I have even seen them!

They are beyond cool. I lost more then 4 cm off my stomach (around my belly button) within a few hours. So clearly her enthusiasm was justified. But we must have looked insanely funny. The children were very confused about all these women getting gladwrap around there tummies. Then we are all rubbing them for best results. My youngest watched with great interest as I carefully re-marked my stomach so I can measure again this afternoon and at 48 hours and 72 hours!

We will update you later on how it all goes from that point of view. What made me smile the most is the wonderfulness of having friends who uplift you and encourage you and laugh with you rather then the ones who drag you down. Our heads are allowed to be in the clouds for a little while before you need to plant your feet on the ground. And being grounded doesn't mean you can't dream!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I know I have blogged here before about perspectives and for some bizarre reason this blog at the moment is about me musing, but for the moment you will just have to make do with that! Realistically, this was a ten(ish) year goal so I guess it is not surprising that the actual TMDing is going to slow down sometimes.

Sometimes I need to set myself long term goals. Sometimes I can only cope with short term ones. You know, like get out of my pyjamas or do the dishes (I struggle with do the dishes, but I would happily live in my pyjamas).

I got my six monthly statement for the TMD bank account today! It doesn't have a lot in it. But wow! We have an account. With real money. It feels like a goal achieved! The simple act of changing a dream into a goal is an accomplishment in itself. Well I think it is anyway.

Other things I have achieved this week:
  1. A fortnight of work. There was no annual leave or sick leave on my last pay slip. After the last four months this is a major achievement.
  2. Someone gave my other blog an award! So excited.
  3. I have survived the rollar-coaster journey of the last 32 years of my life and have come out realtively unscathed! And I am looking forward to the next 64ish (hopefully more. I am planning on living until I am 108).
  4. I helped my babies through the loss of a beloved pet.
  5. I have blogged.
  6. I spent a whole day gardening (this was actually a week or two ago but was such a big thing for me that I am going to mention it anway).
  7. I  have started back at circuit class.
What have you done this week? Remember to celebrate your achievements. It is much more fun then feeling bad about what you didn't get done.

Cath xx

PS Yes, at the moment I am using the Monday Musing label rather loosely! When we start blogging more about other things I promise I will cut my musing back to one day a week!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Money matters

I think I have mentioned previously that Lela and I are a part of an investment network? Well to be more accurate, we were a part of an investment network which was disolved for a variety of reasons. I think I also mentioned that three of us decided we wanted to try again. We learnt heaps from our experience last time and we wanted to give it another go. I would also like to go on the record as saying we made money. Not a fortune, but defintely some. And realistically, with shares, if you haven't lost it almost counts as a double win. (I am most definitely a glass half full person!). Anyhow, we had our first official meeting tonight after a couple of informal get togethers. There are nine of us who are keen to get going. All of us with different backgrounds and experience, but I think collectively we have a bit more knowledge then last time and I think definitely more drive to learn. Other then Lela and the other original friend Jane, I don't know any of the others and I am looking forward to getting to know new people and hopefully learning from them too! Interestingly, out of our original group of 7, Jane was the only one who I wasn't friends with prior to starting. Jane was a friend of my cousin's and spent most of the last few years feeling old around us. Tables are turned this time! She is the common link with most of the other people and Lela and I are the youngest! It has been a pretty stressful few months for me financially and I am very much excited about taking steps towards a more secure financial future. This would be the investment club side of it. Just for fun we are also talking about doing a lotto syndicate. Lela has deemed she is our lucky mascot (last time we got a great return on some random shares we bought simply because they were Lela's intials) and that we are therefore going to win Lotto. So who knows, it might actually make us millions too ;) Have a happy week peoples! Cath xx